Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcoming: Joan of Arc - The Night Before by Daniella Paluselli, Ad Astera Productions at Boyd Vance Theatre, June 9 and 10

“…riveting, suspenseful, shockingly real.”
Ad Astera
Daniela Paluselli Joan of Arc the Night Before

Joan of Arc - The Night Before
by Daniela Paluselli

CANCELLED - Rescheduled for January 2013

BOYD VANCE THEATRE, George Washington CarverMuseum & Cultural Center
1165 Angelina St, Austin, TX 78702 (click for map)$20 ($15 for students and military)   CASH ONLY  -- tel 512-258 1617

Through the powerful and moving one-act monologue by Daniela Paluselli, Joan of Arc is portrayed the night before she gets burned at the stake. Prevailing over despair, terror and doubt, Joan's sublime heroism uplifts the audience to a higher level of consciousness and life involvement.

"Being of Irish descent, I am rarely at a loss for words. But afterseeing Daniela Paluselli’s Joan of Arc, The Night Before, I was overwhelmed into silence. I sat in the theater after the performance unable to move, unable to speak. I felt stunned by the power and the raw beauty of this new drama about St. Joan.  Historically, psychologically, and spiritually this play hits the mark… Be warned: this play gets into your blood; it stays with you; it makes you really feel; it makes you really think; it can make you speechless."  -- Sarah Jane O’Shea, Ph.D., M.S.O.M.

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