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Book: Papers, Presentations and Patter from the 2011 International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

Savoyard Papers International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival 2011
Now available for Gilbert & Sullivan students and fans:

Papers, Presentations and Patter: A Savoyards’ Symposium

Papers Presented at the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, June 27–28, 2011

Edited and with an Introduction by Ralph MacPhail, Jr.

York, Pennsylvania, 2012

Gilbert and Gilbert & Sullivan:
Ian Bradley
Carolyn Williams
The Masculine Woman and the Feminine Man: Gender Parody in the Savoy Operas
Shane Kingston Magargal
A Greek Remark: The Savoy Operas Viewed through an Aristotelian Lens
Harry Benford
Components of Gilbert’s Genius

Andrew Vorder Bruegge
A Dull Enigma: Historians’ Analysis of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Impact on the Development of the American Musical Theatre

Sullivan, Gilbert, Gilbert & Sullivan—
and A Soupçon of Cellier: John E. Dreslin
Elise Curran
Gilbert’s Girls: Comes a Train of Little Ladies

Sylvan H. Kesilman
The Principal Comic Roles in the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas
J. Donald Smith
The Writing and Composition of The Mountebanks: The Evidence of theAutograph Score, the Vocal Scores and the Early Librettos

Wisdom from the East and from the West:
Thomas Drucker

Cheerful Facts about Matters Mathematical
Al Grand

Think British—Sing Yiddish!
Daniel Kravetz

Interfering in Politics: The Reality of Iolanthe
Marc Shepherd

The Curious Case of “Little Maid of Arcadee”
William Hyder

H.M.S. Pinafore in American Waters: Re ections, Corrections, and a Startling RevelationL Was Gilbert a Little Liberal or a Little Conservative?
The Humor of the Operas: It’s Not All in the Words

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