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Upcoming: Balderdash!, melodrama by Playhouse Smithville, June 8 - 24

Playhouse Smithville TX


Balderdash Playhouse Smithville TX

the 2nd Annual Smithville Melodrama


June 8-23 (Fridays &Saturdays) at 7:30 pm.

Tickets at or call 512-360-7397.

Smithville is in peril again and the Playhouse is at fault. It’s popcorn throwing time for the Second Annual Playhouse Smithville Melodrama: Balderdash! Come see who’s gettin’ tied to the railroad tracks, cheer the hero, BOO the villain, be astonished at the beauty of the damsel in distress and gasp at the audacity of a northerner. Drink the town coffee at your own risk!
Balderdash melodrama, Playhouse Smithville

Popcorn Melodrama at Playhouse Smithville
Jo and Tom Watts play the town doctor and the sheriff who are “sweet on each other” in the mythical town of Smithville, part of the 2nd Annual Playhouse Smithville Melodrama, Balderdash! Artistic Director john daniels, jr. (sic) writes and directs the popcorn potboiler and “hoss” opera. “Doing this show is truly a labor of love, especially when twenty-five actors want to be in the production,” says daniels, “and it is so much fun too.”
Executive director of the Playhouse, April Daniels, who plays Texanna Hanna-the owner of the bank, adds, “It’s playtime at the Playhouse. The melodrama is a present for our actors and our audience. This is the end of our second season and we are all still having as much fun as the day we started.” During the first two seasons the Playhouse has produced fifteen shows. Balderdash! concludes a season that started with Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Many of the actors in Balderdash! were in the Shakespeare as well.
Kayla Jo Williams continues her streak of acting in every Playhouse production with her portrayal of Roxi Cane the pistol packing heroine. She is joined by other damsels in distress, Bonnie Watts and Shelby Brown playing the Cache twins.
Cheering the heroes may be complicated. There is Tom Watts’ quintessential Sheriff, Danne Abshur’s Detective from New Jersey, and Brandon Flippo’s silent film star hero.
Booing and throwing popcorn at the villain will be much easier as last year’s hero Brad Wilbourn is this year’s villain, Joe Bad T’Bone. But wait, he’s not the only one you can boo. Pelt with popcorn Lia Nelson’s Vermina Bartles, the town lawyer turned villain, and her wanna be beau Bob D’Burgler played by Steve Haight.
That is only eleven out of twenty-five characters in this town. 

 Playhouse regulars, A. J. Feux, Jim Sanders, Belinda Parsons, Geoffrey Goerlitz, Charla May Cason and Megan Mossman add personality to the mix along with relative new comers, Sydney Hight, McKenzie Miller, Kya Lambert, Severn Watts, and Ashley Vaughn. 

 Returning to the Playhouse stage is Cheyenne Lambert playing the Mayor/school teacher/masked do-gooder. Performing for the first time at the Playhouse is Matthew Haight as young Maverick Lawton. The cast is rounded out by Pam Latham as Elizabeth Smith, founder of the town… maybe.
Come have fun, boo, cheer, hiss, sigh, throw popcorn and laugh. Celebrate the Playhouse’s second season with, “Balderdash!”
Balderdash! opens Friday June 8 and runs Fridays & Saturdays through June 23. Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased at or by calling 512-360-7397 or at the Playhouse, 110 Main Street in Smithville.

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