Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Upcoming: Poison Apple Initiative Play Slams, July 1 - 22

Poison Apple Initiative Austin Txpresents

Slams (like the poetry kind but with plays!)

Saturdays, July 1 - 22 at Wardenclyffe, 1101 Springdale Road (click for map)

  • Beloveds. There comes a time in every young company's life when ancillary programming becomes possible, like when you can afford pot to go with your beer. That time, for PAI, is nigh.

    So SLAM is basically this:

    1. 8-10 playwrights bring in 10 minutes of a larger work. This can be an older piece that's finished or a fresh-from-the-brain-womb play with wobbly legs like a fawn.

    2. Playwrights draw actor names from a hat. Said actors perform 5 minutes of that playwright's work COLD.

    3. A beer-misted/-soaked audience opines good-naturedly (or else). A panel considers audience input and chooses 4-5 of those plays they want to see more of. Selected playwrights choose their actors and have 10 minutes to give notes before presenting the full 10 minutes of their selection.

    4. The winning playwright goes to the finals on July 22nd where they'll present 15 minutes of their work. The SLAM winner receives a staged reading of their piece hosted by Poison Apple Initiative.


    1. BEER. We'll have it. It's a major contributing factor.

    2. Suggested donation for audience/ participants- $5.

    3. ABSOLUTELY ANYONE is urged to participate regardless of experience or prestigious grants or crippling stage fright or whatever. Playwrights should bring enough sides for all necessary characters. Actors should be prepared to feel some stuff.

    4. SLAMs will be held on July 1, 8, 15, and 22 with one finalist from each. There will be a regular-type SLAM before the finals on the 22nd.

    For more info shoot a line to bethany@poisonappleinitiative.com.

    In radness,

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