Saturday, August 11, 2012

Auditions for Stage, Bottle Alley Theatre, Austin, by appointment for September performances

Bottle Alley Theatre Company Austin TX 
Bottle Alley Theatre Company is auditioning for STAGE, a new, experimental drama written and directed by Chris Fontanes, that is the Austin debut of the company. 

Casting 1 man, 3 women for a brief rehearsal period followed by performances at The Broken Neck, 4701 Red Bluff Road (click for map) on September 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th.

Stage Bottle Alley Theatre Austin TXAuditions are now strictly by appointment only and shall consist of cold readings from the script, though prepared pieces are nice, but not necessary. Actors are to bring a copy of their headshot/resume to The Broken Neck (4701 Red Bluff Road) where the audition shall take place. To schedule an audition, please email

Compensation: Yes! Actors shall be compensated!

STAGE is basically a play-within-a-play - a look inwards into the very soul of what the rehearsal process is like, and seeing the underlying tensions that occur when different artists don't see eye-to-eye. It is also a very metaphysical/philosophical production as it asks the question of what theatre, or what performance even is. The production brings up the concept of acting - the idea that everyone acts in their everyday lives. The actors, aware of the audience, aware that they are onstage, question the audience frequently if they truly know what they are seeing. "If," they ask at some point "we were to just walk offstage, how long would you sit there, looking at the blank stage, certain that it is just part of the show?" STAGE shall take place after a very brief rehearsal period and shall be performed in an alternative venue called.

About The Broken Neck: Sandwiched between two automotive repair shops on the east side of Austin, most completely miss The Broken Neck upon trying to find it for the first time. With no sign of any sort, The Broken Neck is a warehouse, covered in grafitti, where punk concerts are regularly performed.

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