Thursday, August 9, 2012

Video for Kickstarter Appeal: Freedom Fighter by Philip Kreyche, August 23 - September 1


appeal for Freedom Fighter by Philip Kreyche, Dougherty Arts Center, August 23 - September 1
Goal: $1000 (Click to go to Kickstarter page)

"Freedom Fighter" is an original play inspired by the story of David Fagen, an African-American soldier who fought during the Spanish-American and Philippine wars, and became one of the few American soldiers to ever defect to the enemy side.

The idea of an American traitor, an American deserting his country to fight on behalf of the enemy, is a very foreign idea to us. We are raised to think our country stands for truth and justice, that it's a beacon of light in a dark world. The realities, of course, have always been very different, and so the story of an American soldier following his heart, only to have his heart lie with the enemy, is a controversial one, but one which must be told and understood if we are to understand the destructive nature of politics, war, and the idea of patriotism.

WHO WE ARE We are actors, writers and directors living and working in Austin, Texas. The vibrant local theater scene encourages new work from new writers and producers, and with this production we hope to present Austin with a unique, thought-provoking piece of theater that entertains as much as it informs. The company, No'Az Productions, has produced several works for the Austin stage, including "Macbeth," "Othello," and "Boudikka: The Warrior Queen," which was partly financed through KickStarter and made its fundraising goal! The company, now known as Lesser Stories, hopes to bring more innovative, controversial, and unique visions to the Austin theater scene in the years to come.
WHAT WE NEED We need about $4,000 dollars to make this show work,. That includes the theater space ($2,300), props ($300), costumes (~$800), and some minor stipends for the hard-working cast and crew. We are being partially supported by UT's Warfield Center for African and African-American Studies, and so we've come to KickStarter to help us out with the rest of our expenses. Our $1,000 goal isn't going to make us break even, but we're hoping to offset the costs at least a bit, with your help.

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