Thursday, August 23, 2012

Upcoming: Ruby Rico's Bohemian Rhapsody, various dates and venues in Austin

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY performance by Ruby Rico, various dates and venues
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Bohemian Rhapsody Ruby Rico AUstin TXRubyRico Productions' short performance Bohemian Rhapsody, told through dance, lip-sync, air guitar and giant wigs, provides comedic, melodramatic tribute to Queen's rock opera throughout summer/fall 2012 in several Austin showcases.

RubyRico Productions presents a new short performance, Bohemian Rhapsody, set to the legendary rock opera of the same name by Queen. The piece will appear throughout summer and fall 2012 as part of several showcases, including the Alamo Drafthouse Action Pack's "Arena Rock Singalong" at the Drafthouse Ritz on August 16 and 23; Coco Coquette's wig/ fashion/performance "12 Ways to End the World" at The ND on September 25; and The Zombie Ball at ACL Live on October 27, 2012. For more information go to

Equal parts dance piece, lip-sync drag number and live music video, RubyRico's Bohemian Rhapsody is a 10-minute juggernaut of a number performed by 10 award-winning Austin performers, wearing 18th century-inspired glam rock costumes designed by Amanda Martinez and gigantic pastel wigs created by Allyson Garro of Coco Coquette. The piece crams all the pageantry, pathos, gender-mucking, pomp, circumstance, depravity and bombast possible into this loving and outrageous tribute to Queen's magnum opus, Bohemian Rhapsody.

RubyRico Productions, Austin's only live-music-and-dance production company, has packed theaters and nightclubs since 2005 with gritty, dazzling spectacles such as A Tom Waits Peepshow; Prince Nite; Stax, Wax & Live Trax; Peepshow Magnifico; and The Good Foot. Performers for Bohemian Rhapsody include luminaries from several of Austin's performance communities―as well as numerous winners and nominees of FronteraFest and Austin Critics Table and awards―including Lisa del Rosario, Joey Hood, Steve Ochoa, Ben Schave, Mari Akita, Amy Myers, Debra McAdoo, Matt & Andrea Williams, Scott Roskilly and David Hess.

Allyson Garro, glamazon-in-chief of Coco Coquette wig and glamour shop at 2109 E. Cesar Chavez, not only created 10 immense and intricate pastel wigs, but also provided the impetus and opportunity for the Bohemian Rhapsody number in the form of the rowdy and outrageous wig/fashion/performances she has produced since 2009. These shows, including 12 Dangerous Women, Cherchez La Femme and Beautiful Monsters, feature local designers and performers for an extravagant expansion of the traditional fashion show format. More information is available at

Booking dates, photos and interviews are available for the summer/fall 2012 and spring 2013 seasons of Bohemian Rhapsody. For further information, please contact RubyRico Productions' Artistic Director Ellen Stader at 512-961-9395 or

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