Tuesday, August 21, 2012

UPCOMING: Sexto Sol, Aztlan Dance Company at Santa Cruz Cultural Center, August 23 - 26

Aztlan Dance Company Austin TX

SEXTO SOL, Aztlan Dance Company at Santa Cruz Center for Culture, August 23 - 26

Sexto Sol Aztlan Dance Co AUstin TX

Don't Miss the InterGalactic Premiere *

August 23-26th Thur-Sat @ 8pm, Sun Mat @ 2pm
@ Santa Cruz Center for Culture, 1805 E. 7th St. (click for map)
Tickets available online at www.AztlanDance.com
Limited seating: $13 adult, $10 Std/Snr./Child

For more program information visit the
AZTLAN Dance Company website

Tickets via Brown Paper Tickets
The AZTLAN Dance Company presents "Sexto Sol: The Cumbia Cruisers Guide to the Galaxy," an original theatrical dance performance that bends time to explore new beginnings and un-ending pasts.

See the dance. Catch the beat. Feel the heat. Aztlan!


Please join us this weekend in Sexto Sol where Aztlan converges ancient Mayan 2012 prophecy, recent PlanetX discoveries and Austin barrio culture in an evening-length dance performance about life's origins.

It is only through Aztlan's Cumbia time-travel can we make sense of Xicano sub-atomic particle matter that brings us closer to understanding where we came from, who we are, how things began, and why it matters. It's Aztlan Dance!

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