Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upcoming: Chekov's The Bear by the Exchange Artists with Whiskey Shivers, Blackheart, August 30

Exchange Artists Austin TX

THE BEAR by CHEKOV and WHISKEY SHIVERS, Exchange Artists at the Blackheart, August 30
The Exchange Artists
Chekhov’s THE BEAR together with
August 30th, 2012
The first in a series of HOT NIGHTS at The Blackheart

The Bear by Chekhov Exchange Artists

The Exchange Artists are pleased to introduce Hot Nights, a new event series pairing short works of theatre with hot local bands. This inaugural event combines Anton Chekhov’s comical short play THE BEAR with the equally rollicking and always foot-stomping folk band THE WHISKEY SHIVERS. This one time only event will be Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 9:00 pm at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey Street, Austin, TX, 78701. The doors will open at 8:00 pm. The cover is $5 at the door. Cash only.

The night will begin with a few songs from the band, which will lead directly into the THE BEAR, a 15-minute performance underscored by THE WHISKEY SHIVERS. Then there will be a short break to check out the specialty ‘Russian’ and ‘Bear’ themed drinks created by The Blacheart Bar, and after the break THE WHISKEY SHIVERS will play a full set of their rockin’, growlin’ foot-stompin’ fun. So what are Hot Nights? That’s easy! Short Play. Long Set. Big Party.

Anton Chekhov’s THE BEAR is often referred to as a face in one act. It was first produced in 1888 in Moscow and has been frequently revived in Europe and America ever since. In the play, landowner Grigory Smirnov visits the excessively bereaved widow Elena Popova to collect a debt owed to him by her late husband. When she refuses to attend to money matters on the 7-month anniversary of her husband’s death, Smirnov becomes enraged and refuses to leave her house, provoking a battle of wits and wills. Pistols are proposed, the two prepare to fight, and then something horrifying and unexpected happens.

THE BEAR features Noel Gaulin as Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov, Briana McKeague as Elena Popova, and Doug Costello as Luka. The project was conceived by The Exchange Artists’ newest producing partner, Bridget Farr, and will be directed by Rachel Wiese.
The five young men of THE WHISKEY SHIVERS came to Austin, TX from all corners of the US looking to do one thing: knock the dust off roots music. A freewheelin', trashgrassin', folk tornado, the Whiskey Shivers take traditional instrumentation, soak it in gasoline and send it into outer space. Breakneck speeds, killer grooves and impeccable musicianship: it's enough to make Bill Monroe himself do a double-take as he spins in his grave. With upright bass, fiddle, washboard, banjo, guitar, and reasonably priced merchandise, Whiskey Shivers adds a fine layer of grit on top of the hard-driving rhythms of traditional bluegrass. They've been called everything from "trashgrass" to "hardcore roots" to "crazy-assed redneck music" — whatever the words, the meaning is the same: Whiskey Shivers brings the house down.

About The Exchange Artists: As Exchange Artists we create theatre inspired by cultural exchange at home in Austin, TX and abroad. Through international collaboration and community engagement we empower our artists and audiences with fresh perspectives, new experiences and a strengthened sense of connection.

THE BEAR together with THE WHISKEY SHIVERS will be presented Thursday, August 30th at 9:00 pm at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey Street, Austin, TX, 78701. The cover at the door is $5.00, cash only.
For more information, visit www.exchangeartists.org.

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