Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upcoming: The Duck Variations by David Mamet, Sidetrack Productions at the Hyde Park Theatre, August 19, 26, September 23, 30

Duck Variations Sidetrack Austin TX

THE DUCK VARIATIONS by David Mamet with David Stahl and Michael Stuart, Sidetrack Productions at Hyde Park Theatre, Sundays, August 19 , 26, September 23, 3030

Two gray haired old friends, George and Emil, meet in the Park and ponder the important issues that shape the World. The Law of Life, the Meaning of Death and,,,,,Ducks Starring David Stahl and Michael Stuart at The Hyde Park Theatre 511 W. 43rd street, Austin, Texas

four performances only, August 19 & 26 -- September 23 & 30 (sundays) at 5pm

tickets $15.00 call (512) 825-1623 or e-mail: sidetrackmail@aol.com

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