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Trinity University theatre season, 2012-2013, San Antonio

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Trinity University
2012 - 2013 season
in San Antonio

A Bright Room Called Day
by Tony Kushner
directed by Susanna Morrow
September 28-30 and October 3-6, 2012 Friday & Saturday @ 8pm Sunday @ 2:30pm Wednesday & Thursday @ 7pm
Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day is a dark comedy dawning in pre-war Berlin, in the last days of Weimar Germany. An idealistic group of actors, writers, and filmmakers naively assume they can stop Hitler's juggernaut through art and political action. As they slowly realize they are losing to the Nazis—and that their lives are at risk—the friends must choose the paths they’ll take: resistance, compromise, exile, or compliance. What choice will mean survival? A genre-defying mixture of absurd humor, serious drama, and political thriller, A Bright Room Called Day examines the nature of evil and the role of the artist as activist.

La Tempesta
adapted from Shakespeare by Roberto Prestigiacomo
produced in collaboration with Theatro del Drago, a puppet theatre company founded in 1820 by the Monticelli Family of Revenna, Italy.
November 9-11 and November 14-17, 2012 Friday and Saturday @8pm Sunday @ 2:30pm Wednesday and Thursday @ 7pm

La Tempesta
is an original physical theatre adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Created by the 2012-13 Stieren Guest, Artist Teatro del Drago, from Ravenna, Italy, and Roberto Prestigiacomo, La Tempesta re-tells this magical story through the use of puppets, marionettes, and shadow theatre. Borrowing from the Italian tradition of commedia dell’arte and the latest European developments of teatro di figura, La Tempesta promises to be entertaining, visually stunning, and a novelty never seen on the stages of San Antonio.

by Tom Stoppard
directed by Stacey Connelly
February 15-17 and 20-23, 2013 Friday & Saturday @ 8pm Sunday @ 2:30pm Wednesday & Thursday @ 7pm

In 1809, on an idyllic country estate in Derbyshire, England, a 13-year-old genius and her tutor are about to make history with a brilliant mathematical proof, now lost to history. In the same location, two hundred years later, rival authors—a popular historian and a self-promoting academic—are in a mad, lusty, and hilarious race to uncover that secret. The characters’ quests become an obsessive intellectual scavenger hunt, leading to sexual intrigue, shocking discoveries, absurd conclusions, and mortifying misadventures that span and blend both eras. Such is the glorious, topsy-turvy world of Arcadia, described by critics as Tom Stoppard’s masterwork.

The Crazy Locomotive
by Stanislaw Witkiewicz
directed by Kyle Gillette
April 12-14 and April 17-20, 2013 Friday and Saturday @ 8pm Sunday @ 2:30pm Wednesday & Thursday @ 7pm

Stanislaw Witkiewicz's 1923 play The Crazy Locomotive both parodies and embodies the artistic movement of futurism as well as Einstein's theory of relativity and the melodramatic conventions of silent film. Set aboard the engine room of a train hurtling toward its destruction, the play features a projected cinematic backdrop of the landscape hurtling by and the large frightening machinery of industrial modernity. As two international criminal masterminds hijack the train, they ponder the meaning of space, time, and modern art, all while driving the train toward unprecedented speeds and losing their minds in the process. Provocative, absurd, and hilarious, Witkiewicz's play asks big questions about the progress of industrial civilization and the fatal course of history.

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