Tuesday, March 12, 2013

(*) ACT ONE SERIES, Renaissance Guild at Carver Center, San Antonio, May 10 - 12, 2013

Renaissance Guild San Antonio TX

(performing at the Jo Long Theatre at the Little Carver Civic Center, 226 N. Hackberry St., San Antonio - click for map)


ActOne Series, XVI - Writer's Choice

AOS Co-Managers: Barbara Harris, Andrew Jacobi Jeter, Danielle King
May 10, 11 & 12, 2013
Venue: Little Carver Civic Center
Friday & Saturday: 8pm
Sunday: 4pm

Plays to be presented:

Putting Out Fires
Writer: Rebecca Burroughs
Director: Eric Pitty
Cast Size: 7-2 female/5 teenagers
Family Business
Writer: Kay Poiro
Director: Michelle Burnett
Cast Size: 3- 1 middle age-older male/2 females
Buzzard's Nest
Writer: Linda Lucretia Shuler
Director: Cedric Smith/Patsy Whitfield (A.D.)
Cast Size: 3 - 2 females/1 male
The Artistic Merits of Crayons
Writer: Christopher St. John Sampayo
Director: Ray Baird
Cast Size: 5- 2 females/3 males

A Natural Love
Writer: Kay Poiro
Director: Karen McPeters
Cast Size: 3- 1 females/2 males

Our Daily Wheat
Writer: Stephen Cedars
Director: Tina Castile/Andrew Jeter (A.D.)
Cast Size: 3 - 1 male/1 female, child

Writer: Eric Pitty
Director: TBA
Cast Size: 5 males

Writer: Barry Sebastian
Director: Barbara Harris/AD

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