Monday, March 18, 2013

IndieGoGo Appeal: True West by Sam Shepard, Oh Dragon Theatre Company, April 25 - May 5, 2013

True West Sam Shepard Oh Dragon Theatre Austin TXLacy Cannon's Vimeo video for Oh Dragon Theatre, Austin and its Indiegogo appeal for $3400 to stage Sam Shepard's True West, April 25 - May 5, 2013.

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Oh Dragon Theatre Austin TX


Hi we are Oh Dragon Theatre from Austin, Texas. We provide audiences with shows that highlight amazing performances and compelling stories.

Our next project is Sam Sheppard’s award winning play, True West. For our production we will be producing our show in The Magic Barn Fantastic, an amazing venue in the up and coming East Austin neighborhood.

We can only make this happen with the help of supporters like you. As a volunteer theatre company our visions come to fruition with the help of contributors who truly believe in the value of live theatre.

What We Need & What You Get! We need to raise $3,400 to make our production a reality. We're creating a set using a large amount of props. Due to the nature of the show, we will have to have extra props to replace ones that will be broken nightly. We also have to have cabinetry built for our kitchen set and provide our own lighting and seating which can prove to be costly additions.

The ensemble of True West will be working tirelessly to build set pieces, scavenge for props and costumes, and promote this amazing show. Here's the list of all necessary costs for our production:
Venue - $900.00; Royalties- $900.00; Chairs- $360.00; Props and costumes- $360.00; Lighting- $330.00; Set - $250.00; Programs & Advertisement- $100.00; Rehearsal space- $200.00

Total goal = $3,400

Any amount you can contribute is a huge help. We also have some pretty sweet gifts if you donate to our campaign at certain levels. From a fond place in our hearts to the full VIP package, there is something for everyone! Check out all the great perks we have to offer! Even if we don’t reach our goal, your contribution will go straight to production costs and help us make this production the best it can be.

The Impact Oh Dragon Theatre Company was founded in Summer 2012 by six individuals looking to start an Austin based theatre company that was truly actor-centric. Our commitment to spotlighting and developing exceptional performances are what makes us unique. We are dedicated to creating theatre that fully engages the audience and leaves you thinking long after you leave the theatre. This is a place where amazing acting and amazing minds come together to create exceptional works of art. Our passion is introducing Austin theatre to a rich, full, emotional season of plays that shines a light on the actor's craft and journey. We love pushing the boundaries of what we can present to our patrons, but we need your help to do it!

Other Ways You Can Support! We know things are tough right now for everyone, not just small volunteer theatre companies. But you can still help us if giving money doesn’t work for you right now. Spread the word out about our campaign and this amazing show we are putting on! Shout it from the rooftops, share it on your facebook page, or tweet it to your friends with the hashtag #TrueWestAustin! You can help us just by letting people know about our company and what we are trying to do.

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