Friday, March 15, 2013

The Way You Move Your Body, created by Lucy Kerr, Cohen New Works Festival, University of Texas, March 25 - 28, 2013

Way You Move Your Body New Works UT

The Way You Move Your Body

is part of the 2013 Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op

This mixed-ability dance/theatre piece exposes and dissolves disability prejudices. Both abled-bodied and disabled dancers guide the audience from a dark world of freaks to a joyful world where difference is celebrated. It is an unsettling but eye-opening journey, leaving the audience cringing, laughing, crying, smiling, and questioning the way we conventionally perceive differently-abled people.

Fierce, dynamic, and unconventional movement will emerge from the unique rhythms and capabilities of differently-abled dancers. The journey is augmented by both audacious and touching monologues told by a diverse group of people of various ages, identities, abilities and personal experiences. The group is tied together by a shared passion for dance and a strong bond that has formed over the past eight months of rehearsals.

This project will comment on the traditional representation of marginalized groups in society, particularly disabled groups. These people have historically been depicted as gross, freakish, inhuman, and pitiful in the context of popular movies and the freak show. I seek to communicate that all kinds of body-types offer interesting and positive elements to art and society, and all kinds of body-types should be respected, and not put on display to be stared at.

Oscar G. Brockett Theatre (in the Winship Building on UT campus)
300 East 23rd Street, Austin, Texas 78712
show times:
Monday March 25th at 4:30pm
Tuesday March 26th at 10:00am, Disability in Performance panel discussion 11:30am
Wednesday March 27th at 6:30pm
Thursday March 28th at 6:30pm (talk back following the show)


run time: 70 minutes

adult content

Directed/Created by Lucy Kerr
Choreographed by Lucy Kerr and Company
Company-Susie Angel, Juan Munoz, Juanita Butler, Tanya Winters, Morgan Taylor, Joey Gaona, Jack Leahy, Reema Bounajem, Jamie Schanbaum
Dramaturgy-Lucy Kerr and Jack Leahy
Set Design/Build-Lance Green and Daniel Berkowitz
Sound Design-Lucy Kerr
Lighting Design, Sound-Gavin Cantrell
Stage Manager-Brett Tribe
PR/Graphic Designer, Program and Poster Design-Raquel Breternitz
Videographer/Photographer: Meg Seidel
Costume Design-Kirsten Schroder
Run Crew, Costume/makeup/Prop assistants -Shelby Krafka, Kirsten Schroder, Sophie Sevenoaks, Sam Malcolm

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