Monday, March 11, 2013

Auditions for the Brothers Merlin by Loaded Gun Theory, March 25 and 26, 2013

Loaded Gun Theory Austin TX

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Auditions for The Brothers Merlin and their Magnificent Menagerie of Mysteries, the newest collaboratively written play from Loaded Gun Theory. Set in a carnival after the unleashing of an unspeakable ancient evil, The Brothers Merlin combines elements of comedy, magic and 1960s B-movie horror for a roller-coaster ride of weirdness.

Auditions for this comedic tale of carnival horror will be held on March 25th and March 26th in the evening. Email or call 512-916-9856 for an audition time. We are casting for all roles.

A PDF of the script will be made availableat the Loaded Gun Theory website and actors are encouraged to read it.


BILLY (m) teenage dreamer who comes to the carnival chasing JUJO

JUJO (f) teenage wannabe freak looking for her dad at the carnival

EVELYN (f) 50+ no nonsense southern woman who keeps the carnival running

MIKE (m) carnival roustabout with a troubled past

FRITZI (m) German dog trainer 40+

NADIA (f) Russian bearded lady and knife throwing target

BARD/FARRAH (f) knife thrower disguised as a man

THOMAS (m) ageless mischief maker and carnival owner

MERLE (m) ageless carnival owner and wizard

Secondary (roles may be combined)

ALLIGATORMAN (m) half-man/half-alligator. Likes martinis.

GWENYTH (f) archaeologist sister of THOMAS and MERLE, who meets an untimely end

NATHAN (m) MIKE's boyfriend

PIERRE (m) French loverboy, who meets an untimely end

GOTTLIEB (m) German nazi superintendent

EICHELBERGER (m) German nazi subordinate


CARNIVAL PERFORMERS/STAGE HANDS/CUE CARD GIRL esp. desirable skills are gymnastics, juggling and stilts skills

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