Friday, March 8, 2013

Auditions for Raised in Captivity by Nicky Silver, Punchkin Repertory, March 23 and 24, 2013

Punchkin Repertory Austin TX
We will be conducting auditions on March 23 (from 11 am to 3pm) and March 24 (from 1pm to 4 pm) at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 13343 Hwy 183 North, Suite #285, Austin, TX 78750. Please contact to sign up for an audition slot.
Raised in Captivity by Nicky Silver will be presented at The City Theatre on July 12, 13, 14, 19, 20  and 21, 2013.
Raised in Captivity explores the guilt and redemption in the lives of two estranged siblings when they re-unite at their mother’s funeral. We meet Sebastian Bliss and his twin sister, Bernadette Dixon, at their mother’s funeral, after she was killed by an errant shower head. The siblings have not seen each other in years. After the funeral Bernadette can barely stop weeping, while her brother is merely irritated by what he feels is her humiliating display of emotion. We follow Sebastian to a therapy session with Dr. Hillary MacMahon, an extravagantly needy woman, who, upon hearing that Sebastian is terminating his treatment, dissolves into a morass of self-recrimination. All the while, Bernadette’s husband, Kip, responds to the funeral rather mystically, deciding to eschew his dental practice and become an artist. Meanwhile, we discover that Bernadette has become pregnant. For years, Sebastian has been leading a very secluded life and his only real human contact is the letters he writes to a convicted murderer, Dylan. Attempting to form another human relationship, Sebastian brings home a prostitute, Roger, who he plans to focus his next literary piece on. After a turn of events, he is then visited by his mother’s ghost who challenges the fiber of his, and his sister’s, identity and answers the unspoken question, “Why am I being punished?”

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