Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upcoming: Don't Stop Me Now by Maggie Gallant, City Theatre, July 11 - 19

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premieres at Summer Acts! Festival

New comedy explores one fan’s obsession with Queen front man Freddie Mercury.

Summer Acts! at The City Theatre, 3823 Airport Blvd.
Don’t Stop Me Now runs 60 minutes.

Performance Dates:
Saturday July 11 at 10pm

Sunday July 12 at 6pm

Tuesday July 14 at 7pm

Friday July 17 at 7pm

Saturday July 18 at 4pm

Sunday July 19 at 12pm

ickets $10.
For reservations, call 512 585-5698 or go to www.maggiegallant.com/wwfd

What’s the soundtrack to your life? That’s the question posed by Don’t Stop Me Now, premiering at the Summer Acts! theatre festival in Austin (July 9-19). For super-fan Sonya Moore, the answer has always been Queen.
When faced with dilemmas in fashion, work, or relationships, Sonya seeks advice from the man she is sure has all the answers: Freddie Mercury. WWFD (What Would Freddie Do)? The answers steer Sonya in new directions with unexpected and funny results.

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