Monday, June 29, 2009

Upcoming: Tartuffe, City Theatre, July 23 - August 16

UPDATE: Click for ALT review, July 27

PDATE: Sean Fuentes interviews director Charles P. Stites at Austin Theatre

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Hypocrisy. Seduction. Greed. Betrayal.

The best of Moliere’s comedy with


at City Theatre this summer
July 23 – August 16

If it's hypocrisy, greed, and seduction you’re looking for this summer, look no further than
Molière’s most famous farce, Tartuffe.

Under the cloak of
religious piety, the lecherous, menacing, arch-hypocrite title character schemes to marry his benefactor’s daughter, seduce his wife, then defraud him of all he possesses. Does the scoundrel succeed? Take your seat and find out in this new and exciting adaptation of one of the world’s greatest comedies.

The production runs July 23 – August 16 at The City Theatre. It is directed by Charles P. Stites and features City Theatre company members Wray Crawford, Fiona Rene, D. Heath Thompson, and MacArthur Moore.

Molière’s masterpiece was written over three hundred years ago, but the classic has found a fresh reinvention at City Theatre with a modern staging that is even more immediate, identifiable, and hilarious. Rather than a classic that can be translated to a modern setting, Molière's play seems more of a contemporary play that just happens to have been written a few centuries ago.

Tartuffe and Texas were made for each other.

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