Friday, December 4, 2009

Petra's Pecado, Teatro Vivo at Salvage Vanguard, December 3 - 20

First, a gentle admonition to the transcribers at the Austin Statesman: the title is not "Petra's Pescado" (
Petra's Fish). Teatro Vivo's newest presentation is Petra's Pecado or "Petra's Mortal Sin," which makes for quite a different kettle of fish.

This is Teatro Vivo's flagship play, the first of three "Petra" works written by Rupert Reyes. In the summer of 2008 when they staged the last one, Petra's SueƱo (Petra's Dream), Reyes said he was putting the series to rest.

He had as much success with that declaration as Arthur Conan Doyle had with throwing his wildly popular Sherlock Holmes over the Reichenbach Falls.

Conan Doyle brought Holmes back for a long run. Similarly, giving in to the insistence of Teatro Vivo players and Austin's Spanish-speaking community, Rupert Reyes has brought back the first of the Petra stories. This time the company retrofits it with music. Judging from the excited comments around me in the audience on dress rehearsal night, Teatro Vivo scored another sentimental success.

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