Thursday, February 17, 2011

Falstaff Awards: Scalise, Jacobi Are Runners-Up to Al Pacino in 2010

Published February 17:

Falstaff Awards Falstaff Awards for 2010

Best Principal Performance, Male:

Winner: Al Pacino (Shylock, Merchant of Venice, Public Theater)

Nominees: Dan Donohue (Hamlet, Hamlet, Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Derek Jacobi (King Lear, King Lear, Donmar), Roger Allam (Falstaff, Henry IV, Part 1, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre), Justin Scalise (Hamlet, Hamlet, Scottish Rite Theatre), Robert Foxworth (Lear, King Lear, The Old Globe), Reuben Santiago-Hudson (Leontes, The Winter's Tale, Public Theater), Harry Groener (Lear, King Lear, The Antaeus Company), Al Pacino (Shylock, Merchant of Venice, Public Theater)

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