Monday, February 7, 2011

Upcoming: The Butterfly Bar at the Vortex (video included), opening February 19

Received directly from the Vortex Repertory, an announcement and a video done by Shanti Matulewski:

Butterfly Bar Vortex Repertory Austin Tx

Happy Year of the Rabbit Everybody!!

I am teaming up with my cousin, Emily Fleming-Nash, to create a new bar on the grounds of The VORTEX. Some of you know Emily from her previous business, Emerald City Press. The metamorphosis of The VORTEX Café into The Butterfly Bar has begun, with our grand opening on February 19.

The Butterfly Bar is a green, eco-friendly, local business that will invest in a large amount of butterfly-oriented landscaping onsite. When finished, the goal is to have The Butterfly Bar @ The VORTEX recognized as an Official Butterfly Habitat and Sanctuary.

The Butterfly Bar remodel is coming along swiftly, and the space looks beautiful with a fresh paint job and gorgeous lighting. We need just a little help to push us through to completion. You will be enjoying new furniture, real glasses (Bye, bye plastic!), and a new menu featuring amazing desserts and savory treats including deluxe cheese plates and smoked curry hummus.

If you can and would like to donate to the opening of our new bar, in any way small or large, we would be forever grateful and appreciative. Donations are tax-deductible.

All donations can be made through The VORTEX Paypal account located at the bottom left-hand side of the website below. Just click on the little box that says “ DONATION” above The Butterfly Bar logo.

Each of the first six people to donate $500 or more will have their name engraved on a small brass plaque to be placed on the back of one of the barstools for all to see!

Thank you in advance for any and all of your help on this exciting new project. If you have any questions, please let me know!

With love and great expectations--


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