Saturday, February 5, 2011

Upcoming: The 2011 David Mark Cohen New Works Festival, March 28 - April 2

David Mark Cohen New Works Festival 2011The schedule hasn't yet been established for the 2011 David Mark Cohen New Works festival to take place at the University of Texas March 28 to April 2, but the website does feature a listing of titles:

The Works - At a Glance

And Then Came Tango - Through the poignant story of a penguin family, this Theatre for Young Audiences adaptation celebrates all types of families

Art Engineered - A new take on a Rube Goldberg machine

Bike Project: Austin - A devised theatrical experience witnessed by an audience on two wheels

Digital Craft: Handmade Craft Meets Digital Design - A costume installation investigating cutting edge technology

Dimentia - An installation of dance, on video. How can two-dimensional images become performance

Do You Hear What I Hear? - An interactive dance experiment where the audience picks the music

Folk - A new play that explores American identity through folklore

Footnotes for People who Don't Speak Spanish - An infomercial/self help seminar that asks, what does it mean to be "white, but not quite?"

Forced Out of (con)Text - A multi-disciplinary project using dance, music and text to explore womanhood and liberation

Hades Ladies - Dance theatre exploring the role of women in the 1980ís workplace

Hands - An interactive performance discovering hands, geared to audiences two and under

Headphone Stories - A sound installation asking, if you could tell one story what would it be?

Heart Trouble - A solo performance that looks at memory and loss through the audio tapes of her father's radio show

Jane - A multimedia dance piece that interrogates modern cultureís virtual socializing

La Canción la Tierra - A bi-lingual puppet performance extravaganza

LISTEN TO ME - Secrets and memories told through recordable sound modules scattered throughout the Winship Drama Building

Racer - A staged reading with music that follows the life of a would be country singer

Raven's Blanket - A shadow puppet experience using oral storytelling traditions

Sex in Public Education: Lessons in NOT Looking for Love - A queer solo performance exposing private experiences of sex and desire

She Creatures - Eight stories embodying different mythical creatures.

Stockpile - A site-specific play following the lives of two groups of squirrels

Swimming Upstream - A look at human conception, through puppetry, music and multimedia

Synaisthe - An intermedia, movement based work exploring our sensory experiences

The Chronicles of Bad Ass Women - Through interweaving monologues, this play tracks the lives of five Texas female outlaws

The Fictional Life of Historical Oddities - A mash-up of mediums examining the candid exploitation of Canadaís Dionne Quintuplets

The Ideal City Project - A performance installation depicting a utopian city and its inevitable ruin

The Sexy Sex Kind of Sex - Devised, interactive theatre examining the importance of consent in sexual relationships

The Sound Ascending - A chamber musical based on Tennessee Williamsí ìOrpheus Descendingî

The Transition of Doodle Pequeño - Theatre for young audiences examining the lasting effects of bullying

Transitional Spaces III - A site-specific contemporary dance employing abstract movement in pedestrian locales

When the Horse Runs Off - A small scale opera inspired by a Buddhist fable

You Can't Win - A concert staged reading inspired by the autobiography of career criminal Jack Black

zz Packer's "Our Lady of Peace" - A devised, site-specific production inspired by Packerís experience teaching in an inner-city school system

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