Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upcoming: Aralyn's Home Economics, March 25 - 27

Found on-line:

Aralyn's Home Economics

at an undisclosed location in Austin

March 25 & 26 at 7 p.m., March 27 at 2 p.m.

Tickets for $20 available through www.aralynshomeeconomics.com

Contacts: (512) 698-6800 or aralyn@aralyn.com

Aralyn Hughes is one of Austin’s favorite “Keep Austin Weird” characters, featured on HGTV, Discovery Channel, both national and local CBS networks, various radio stations, and local venues like Zachary Scott Theater. She is co-author of IN THE WEST, one of the longest running monologue shows in Austin, which also played the Kennedy Center and was later adapted into the movie DEEP IN THE HEART.

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Her latest work, ARALYN'S HOME ECONOMICS, is a series of solo performance pieces based on various autobiographical topics, beginning with MOVING DAY which she premiered in August 2010 as hired movers and long-time friends assisted her relocation to a new downtown high-rise. BIRTH Day in October had standing ovations. Men Ding Day on November 20, 21, Saturday and Sunday, will feature Aralyn with her first blind date on stage followed by tales of the men she had to mend in her life, plus the mending she had to do to herself when the relationships were over. Stay turned for COLORING DAY, VALENTINE'S DAY and other exciting performance pieces. She has the hand embroidered MENDING DAY dish towel her mother made which inspired this show topic.

Museum quality memorabilia, which includes her tricycle along with the $7.00 check that paid for it, among other relics, serve as the backdrop to her tales about a lifestyle long past but ever present. With a lifetime of experience, combined with the Home Economics degree which she received in the 1960s, Aralyn presents stories and insights about life transitions, family, love lost & found, how to remove a stain expertly and the roads not taken that get you where you never thought you'd end up. Come enjoy the lively, slanted opinions of a small town girl who could see Route 66, Tornado Alley, Oklahoma, from her backyard, which inspired her to become the world traveler, fine artist and now solo performer she's grown up to be.

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