Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upcoming: The Biography of Physical Sensation, Rubber Repertory at Fusebox Festival, April 21 - 30

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Rubber Repertory, in association with Fusebox Festival

proudly presents(

directed by Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope
based on the life of Jamie Damon
set design by Lisa Laratta
featuring Katie Van Winkle, Rebecca Beegle, Taylor Flanagan, Matt Hislope, and Josh Meyer
7 encore performances! April 21-23, April 27-30.
Wed. and Thurs. performances are at 8pm. Fri. and Sat. are at 7pm.
The Off Shoot, 2211 Hidalgo St.,Austin, TX 78702
TICKETS: $15. Available at
"What's wonderful about Rubber Repertory is that they take the concepts, the tenets, the expectations of theatre, and blow them out of the water." -- Austin Chronicle

The biography is BACK. Rubber Repertory's hit show invites an audience of 35 to experience a human life through actual tastes, touches, smells, and sounds. This reinvention of the traditional biography forgoes narrative in favor of pure physical experience, placing audience members in the center of over a hundred pivotal moments of perception.

Each person who attends is invited to choose from seats of three different sizes. The size of your seat dictates the intensity of sensations you're willing to receive. Those in the smallest seats will receive low-intensity sensations--the smell of lavender and stale cigarettes, for instance--while those in the larger seats expose themselves to far livelier thrills. Once the show begins, it's a fast and feely ride through puberty and pork chops, gunshots and tetherball, party whistles and old pianos, rehabilitation and lemon cake. In other words: life itself.

BIOGRAPHY OF PHYSICAL SENSATION is based on the life of Jamie Damon, one of over 50 people who interviewed at Fusebox 2010 to be the subject of the show.

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