Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upcoming: Paradise Key by Dean Poyner, A Chick and A Dude Productions at Hyde Park Theatre, March 31 - April 16

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A Chick and A Dude Productions


Paradise Key

by Dean Poyner

directed by Melissa Livingston

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Hyde Park Theatre, 511 W. 43rd St. at Guadalupe (click for map)

Thursdays - Saturdays, March 31 - April 16, 8 p.m.

Tickets for the show are “sliding scale,” $10-$20 on Thursdays and $15-$20 on Fridays and Saturdays and are available online at To reserve seats, call (512) 921-4264 or email

Playwright Poynor Visits Austin to Host an after-show Q & A Session on Friday, April 8 (click for more information)

Paradise Key takes place in the summer of 1951. A hidden U.S. Army safe house in the Florida Keys provides the backdrop for this intense physical and metaphysical drama in which Counter-Intelligence Agent David Dunn (Shanon Weaver) has just one night to extract a possible vaccine for Polio from the mind of former Nazi physician Werhner Halb (Tom Green). By using early CIA interrogation techniques—both psychological and physical—David attempts to discover the truth about Halb’s formula. As the Faustian bargain unfolds, we learn that Halb conducted experiments on human subjects in Nazi concentration camps. Halb will only offer information about the formula if David can first prove that he is a man, complicit in the consequences, able to accept that in order to become the hero, one must first embrace the monster.

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