Friday, March 25, 2011

Upcoming: Rumors, The Broccoli Project, UT

Found at the Daily Texan on-line:

Student troupe brings dark farce to SAC

By Clayton Wickham, Daily Texan Staff Alexandra Reynolds (image: Ryan Edwards, Daily Texan)

“Play the hostess,” Ken Gorman tells his wife Chris as the other guests begin to arrive at a dinner party gone awry after the original host’s failed suicide attempt.

“Play the hostess?” Chris Gorman responds, giving her husband a horrified look. “There’s no food out; there’s no ice in the bucket. Where’s the help? Where’s the cheese dip? What am I supposed to do, play charades?”

In the Broccoli Project production of the play Rumors, the Gormans arrive at the wedding anniversary dinner for Deputy Mayor of New York Charley Brock to discover that his wife Myra is missing, and Charley has shot himself in the earlobe in a suicide attempt. Ken, Charley’s lawyer and friend, enlists Chris in a cover-up attempt that eventually draws in all eight guests in a tumult of lies, confusion and miscommunication. It doesn’t take long for all the characters to completely lose control in this bourgeoisie farce.

Rumors by Neil Simon, will show at the Black Box Theatre, a new theater space in the Student Activity Center. The play is produced by Alex Reynolds, a Plan II and business honors senior, and Laura Wright, a Plan II and biology sophomore, and is directed by Jenny Kutner, Plan II junior, and Katherine Kloc, a Plan II and advertising junior. The play coincides with the Plan II Honors program’s 75th anniversary weekend.

Read more at the Daily Texan on-line. . . .

The Broccoli Project presents Rumors at the new Student Activities Center (click for map), second floor

March 25 & 26 at 7 p.m.

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