Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arts Reporting: Westlake Picayune Profiles Gary Jaffe, November 17

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All the world’s a stage

Thursday, November 17, 2011 - Esther Robards-ForbesThe Dudleys Tutto Theatre via Westlake Picayune

Life is a lot like an improvisational comedy sketch, and theater director Gary Jaffe follows the old improv rule of “say yes, and…”

At 23, this young Yale graduate and theater studies major is living the dream: He’s making theater and getting paid to do it.

“In improv games, you take the premise you’re given, and you say ‘yes,’ but you also say ‘and,’ ” Jaffe said. “You take what you’re given, and you add something to it.”

That attitude has served him very well, so far. While many of his peers are waiting tables in New York to pay the bills and snatching a few hours a week to work on their love of theater, Jaffe decided to take a more unconventional path to theater success.

By day, he is a theater teacher at Westlake High School, where he graduated in 2006, and by night he is the artistic director for Tutto Theatre Company in Austin.

Jaffe, a fast-talking and exuberant man with wit and wisdom that belies his age, realized that he belonged in the director’s chair early in his theater career.

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