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Auditions for Love in Pine by Gary Jaffe, Last Act Theatre Company, November 18 - 19

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Last Act Theatre CompanyAuditions for Love in Pine by Gary Jaffe

Friday evening, November 18 and Saturday morning, November 19
Austin Creative Alliance, 901 Tillery Street (click for map)

Love in Pine by Gary Jaffee Last Act Theatre CompanyLove was in the air on prom night in the town of Pine, TX, but Boy and Girl didn’t make it to the dance – a fatal head-on collision with a pine tree trapped their souls inside the tree itself. Two years later, the lonely town Librarian and Girl’s guilt-racked Sister try to find them a different ending to prom night, but how exactly does one change the past? And how can they stop the wildfire scorching its way through the county? And why does the Tree herself want to keep them there? A heartbreaking, supernatural twist on the traditional American prom night story, Love in Pine is a bold, poetic, relevant new play by local writer/director Gary Jaffe set in the pine woods of central Texas, where trees talk, the prom lasts forever, and love, for better or worse, is love.


TREE – Female, age 20 – 40. Born a human woman, she was trapped inside a pine tree during the Civil War, when she hanged herself from its branches to spite her father. Now the resident spirit of the tree, she harbors the young souls of the teenage couple who hit her with their car on prom night. Like nature itself, her mood can swiftly shift from gentle and benevolent to vicious and destructive, especially when it’s drought season and there are wildfires nearby…

LIBRARIAN – Male, age 25ish. Gay-ish. Driven by a sense of responsibility and heavy feelings of guilt, he has worked tirelessly for two years to free the Boy and the Girl from the Tree. He was unusually close to them and they looked up to him as a brother and a mentor, culminating in their visiting his house on the way to prom night, where things happened which are not easily forgiven…

GIRL – Female, age 18. Was smart, sensible and put-together before she drove herself and her date, Boy, into a tree on prom night. Now, she’s a twisted knot of resentment and suspicion, and she has every right to be…

BOY – Male, age 18. Sort of a puppy dog, loves everything and everyone, and is willing to try everything. Or at least he was, before the accident. His needs are always immediate and he doesn’t necessarily think before he acts…

SISTER – Female, age 25ish. The semi-estranged older sister of Girl and old sort-of flame of Librarian. After she finished school up north, she stayed, cutting herself off from her old life in Pine, TX, a separation only exacerbated by the death of her sister. But now there’s a wildfire cutting across the county, and her sister’s soul in danger, so what’s a guilt-ridden sibling to do…?

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