Monday, November 14, 2011

Auditions for The 21 Would-be Lives of Phineas Hamm, Paper Moon Repertory, November 15 and 20

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Paper Moon Repertoryannounces auditions for The Would-Be Lives of Phineas Hamm, A Paper Moon Repertory Production, produced by David Meissner and Rachel McGinnis, script and direction by Rachel McGinnis, choreography by Kaitlyn Moise of Ballet Austin, set by Ia Enstera, lights by Megan Reilly, Dramaturgy by Elizabeth Cobbe,costumes by Rachel McGinnis

Tuesday, November 15th, 6-10pm at The Austin Creative Alliance, 701 Tillery (click for map)

Sunday, November 20th, 6-10pm, The Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale (click for map)

The Would-be Lives of Phineas Hamm Paper Moon Repertory Austin TxWhen a powerful invention lands in the hands of impulsive Phineas Hamm on his 30th birthday, he's faced with the possibility of altering his reality with the single pull of a lever. What happens when desires and abandon trump resilience and loyalty? An exploration of tempting fortunes and their immediate outcomes, Phineas is a sideshow whirlwind of folly, danger and the missteps of youth. (Not intended for young audiences. We'd rather not supply the missteps.) (more information about the production is available at the website)

Contact for a 5-minute time slot. Please let us know what day and time you prefer.

Bring Headshot | Resume | Schedule Conflicts for Dec 1-March 7 | Measurements

Prepare A copy of the script will be sent to you. Sides will be provided at auditions. Below is a character breakdown.

MALE ROLES All roles are available.

Phineas | 30ish - Cocky but insecure. Selfish but sensitive. A ladies’ man who isn’t aware that he’s handsome and charming.

Father, Wilhelm | 40s - He’s a doer who skips meals to finish projects. Has been hunched over a workbench for the last 2 decades.

God, Feuergott | 40s-60s - Pampered and spoiled. Imposing presence.

Paul, Valet, Omar, Man | 20s-30s This actor will need to be versatile and comfortable with being in a grappling match.

Vaughn, Cook, Announcer, Client | 20s-30s From a ring-side announcer to a creepy whorehouse client, this actor will need to be versatile, as well.

- All roles are available, except that of Tchiripacha.

Mother, Eva | Mid 30s-40s - The worrying type. She’s the glue in the family who, herself, becomes unglued. Needs to be convincing as a new mother and the mother of a 30-year old. This character is going through some slight revisions, and a darker tone is being added. Will possibly be added to the chorus.

Valerie, Maid 1, Chorus* | 20s-30s - Fierce and vulnerable.

Edie, Eliza, Chorus* | 20s-30s- A comical bitch.

Bess, Claire, Maid 2, Chorus* | 20s-30s - Sweet, secretive and mesmerizing.

*A word about the chorus. It’s possible that some of the men will rotate in and out of the chorus, as well, but the chorus will be predominantly the three ladies noted here.

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