Thursday, November 24, 2011

Opinion: Robert Faires on Being Named An 'Influential' Theatre Critic, Austin Chronicle, November 24

Robert Faires reflects on the significance of being credited as one of twelve of" the nation's most influential theatre critics":

Austin Chronicle, Austin, TX

All Over Creation

Under the Influence

So what does being named one of the nation's most influential critics really mean?

by Robert Faires

[. . . ] For the nonprofit productions that dominate our nation's stages (certainly Austin's), a pan has no power to shut a show down; the run is fixed before the curtain goes up. Still, some argue, a review can influence a local show's attendance. Possibly, though the only evidence I've been given is anecdotal, and I've just as many anecdotes about raves that put no butts in seats and negative notices that did nada to shows doing boffo at the box office. And I apparently have no more clout with the companies than with their audiences, as I've yet to be consulted about what plays they should mount, despite my having no shortage of opinions. All of which leaves me wondering where this alleged critical influence lies. [ . . .]

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