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Auditions for Proof, Trinity Street Players, November 19 and 20

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Trinity Street PlayersTrinity Street Players audition notice for Proof by David Audburn

Audition dates: Saturday, November 19 at 1 p.m.; Sunday, November 20 at 1 p.m. (optional callbacks)

901 Trinity Street, 4th Floor Blackbox Theatre (click for map)

This Pulitzer-Prize-winning play is a powerful drama about the fine line between madness and brilliance. It's a story of creativity, control, passion, and second chances. Audburn is simply flawless in the execution of the script: "The work was beautiful. It's streamlined: no wasted moves, like a ninety-five mile-an-hour fastball. It's just elegant" says Hal.


Catherine (age 25) - a complicated young woman, unpretentiously brilliant, caught in the shadow of her great father to whom she is deeply devoted yet painfully resentful; guarded and layered but quirky and extremely endearing. Her sense of humor and novel behavior traits walk the line between funny and heartbreaking. Utterly afraid she suffers from the same incapacitating mental illness that took her father's brilliance away from him.

Robert (age 50-65) - an obviously brilliant mathematician with a particular fondness for his mathematically prodigy of a daughter; suffers from an unspecified mental illness that causes him to fill reams of notebooks with complete nonsense; desperately longing for the days when his mind was still capable.

Hal (age 28) - graduate student and devotee of Robert; a nerd perhaps and awkward often, but he retains a self-awareness and compassion that brings him into a romantic relationship with Catherine; a complicated character with questionable motives at first but who ultimately provides the turning point for Catherine at this most vulnerable time in her life.

Claire (age 30) - Catherine's sister, breezy and business-like. Unlike Catherine's brooding, Claire holds her feelings about their father in check and decides to take on the role of caretaker to her sister (who Claire believes is showing signs of mental illness). Claire has a good job in New York and has been paying the medical bills for her father while Catherine was the one taking care of him. Much unresolved conflict and history surfaces between Claire and Catherine.

FORMAT: The audition will consist of sides from the play. Email for sides if you wish to prepare them ahead of time (encouraged). There will be individual readings and paired readings. Headshots and resume are not required, but you may bring them if you have them, and you are not already on file with TSP. VERY IMPORTANT: Bring your list of conflicts during the months of Jan, Feb, and early March.

ADDITIONAL DATES: Rehearsals will begin the first week of January, four per week. Actors will be asked to attend rehearsals only when working on their scenes. All actors will be expected to have lines memorized before rehearsals begin.

Show dates are: Feb 17, 18, 19; Feb 23, 24, 25; Mar 1, 2, 3

For more information contact David McCullars, Director at -- website:

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