Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012-2013 Season of Puppetry and Performance, Glass Half Full Theatre

Glass Half Full Theatre Austin TX

celebrates its 13 B. Iden Payne Award nominations this year, with double nods in Comedy and Drama to both FupDuck and The Orchid Flotilla for Production, Acting, Script, Score, and Puppetry, as well as Direction for FupDuck and Sound & Scenic Design for Orchid

and announces its 2013 season:

Once There Were Six Seasons

February 2013 @ Salvage Vanguard

This new work uses puppetry and physical theatre to addresses the impact of climate change on traditional farming societies around the world. This project will show, through puppetry, narrative and imagery, how farming systems used for hundreds of years across the globe have been drastically affected by the rapidly changing global climate, and how communities and families are undone when their cultures are irrevocably altered by these external environmental changes. Tiny puppet figures exist in vast spaces onstage, and visible puppeteers move the figures through a changing environmental landscape. Emphasis is placed on the shifting landscapes around the puppets, and on the puppeteers’ role as the “cause” of those changes. There will be lots of sand and water. Featuring the performance and design work of Ia Instera, Eliot Haynes, Connor Hopkins, Rommel Sulit, Gricelda Silva, Parker Dority, Noel Gaulin and Caroline Reck.

The fourth Austin Puppet Incident

an evening of short works of puppetry from a variety of local and visiting artists
June 2013 @ Salvage Vanguard 

The Austin Puppet Incident is a joint creation of Glass Half Full Theatre and Trouble Puppet Theater Company, with the goal of highlighting short works of puppetry for adults, we encourage artists to participate in our reciprocal model, in which artists work with and for each other in a variety of pieces. 

The Boston/Austin Project

December 2013 at the Salvage Vanguard (Austin) and at the Charlestown Working Theater (Boston) 
A physical theatre performance crafted and devised by Caroline Reck and guest artist Bonnie Duncan, whose Poste Restante won the Austin Critics' Table award for Outstanding Touring Show. Bonnie and Caroline met in 2008 at the National Puppetry Conference, and are crafting their performance via Pintrest*, phone calls, and residencies. They got tired of their cohorts saying, "You two have a similar vision. You should work together." So now they are. Find it on Pintrest as "The Show We Will one Day Make Together."

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