Saturday, October 27, 2012

McCallum Fine Arts Theatre Program Profiled in, October 25

Jeff Davis's feature on the Mac Theatre program:

Young Artists Thrive at McCallum Fine Arts Academy in Austin TX
Beauty and the Beast McCallum Fine Arts AUstin TX 
by Jeff Davis, October 25, 2012

There’s no doubt about it. Educational arts programs are almost always in crisis mode. No matter what city or state you’re in, arts courses always seem to be under-funded and in dire need of support, and sadly the lack of funding usually has a disastrous effect on the student population. Some get far less exposure to the arts than they want or need. Others get no exposure at all as their school’s arts programs vanish.

McCallum High School in Austin is a rare exception. Its unique Fine Arts Academy thrives despite the current economic pinch.
The Fine Arts Academy program at McCallum provides high school students with both a traditional high school education and a fine arts focus. Students are broken up into majors, including Band, Choir, Dance, Classical Guitar, Orchestra, Theatre, and Visual Arts. While they may specialize in arts courses, the students are required to take the standard core classes with the general school population. By doing so they add an element of creative thinking which benefits the entire McCallum student body, whether they be artistically inclined or not.

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