Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auditions in Georgetown for Dearly Beloved, Georgetown Palace, October 27

Georgetown Palace Theatre, TXAuditions! From the writing team of last year’s hit “The Dixie Swim Club” comes the hilarious “Dearly Beloved!” Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten, it's a story of a completely dysfunctional but loveable Texas family in the throes of a series of life-changing events

Auditions will be held Saturday, October 27th from 1pm – 5pm at the Georgetown Palace Theatre. Callbacks will be held Sunday, October 28th from 6pm-9pm.

To request an audition time slot please email gpalaceproductions@gmail.com

No monologue will be required for this audition, we will be reading directly from the script. However, please note that the Futrelle sisters sing a gospel song within the play, if you are considering auditioning for one of these 3 sisters, then consider preparing a 1 minute excerpt from a gospel song, it is not required but would be appreciated.

Performances will begin January 11th, and close February 3rd. Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 2pm. All Auditions, Rehearsals, and Performances will be held at the Palace Theatre.

The Story The time is now and the Futrelle Sisters, Frankie, Honey Raye and Twink, are throwing a wedding. Frankie has almost made herself sick with elaborate preparations for her daughter Tina Jo’s antebellum-inspired wedding, and the rumor mill in their small town of Fayro, Texas, is working overtime. No surprise there, the Futrelle Sisters have never been strangers to gossip. After all, they did survive the scandalous break-up of their almost-famous gospel singing trio, The Sermonettes. But Twink’s desperate attempts to get her boyfriend of 15½ years down the aisle, Frankie’s ongoing conversations with their dead mother, and Honey Raye’s tendency to race to the altar at every opportunity have kept tongues wagging for years.

In spite of her own marital problems, Frankie has held steadfastly to the hope that she can pull off one "final Futrelle occasion" with elegance and style with the help of the cantankerous wedding coordinator, Miss Geneva, who runs the local floral shop/bus depot. But on the day of the nuptials, Frankie's hope begins to dim when she discovers Twink's alternative solution to an expensive catered wedding dinner. When the prodigal Honey Raye arrives at the church, consumed by hot flashes and a steely determination to right old family wrongs, Frankie's hope is shaken. It is lost completely when word reaches the church that Tina Jo and her fiancé have fled Fayro and eloped. The sisters ultimately pull together to find ways to keep the unsuspecting guests in the pews while a highway patrolman races off to track down the runaway bride and groom. As a last resort, and to the delight of the citizens of Fayro, Texas, The Sermonettes reunite and sing again.

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