Monday, October 8, 2012

Kickstarter Appeal: Autumn by Randall Newsom, Bottle Alley Theatre Company


The second production from Bottle Alley Theatre Company - a new, dark, experimental work written by Randall Newsom

GOAL: $600 ($325 raised as of October 8)
  • Launched: Oct 8, 2012
  • Funding ends: Nov 7, 2012
Autumn by Randall Newsom Bottle Alley Theatre Company Austin TXClick HERE or Kickstarter logo to go to funding page

About Autumn: Autumn is a tragic, disjointed, love story between a man and a women who are actually characters in an obsessive writer's story. The Writer delves completely into his fantasy and pushes his love, Mary, out of his life as she desperately tries to keep him in reality. With The Writer hearing demonic voices and taking their advice on how to finish his story he loses his fragile grip on reality and crosses the fine line between the fiction and the real while destroying the fantasies to which he so desperately clings.
BottleAlley Theatre Company is a collection of creative minds, theatrical rebels, and college friends. We strive to push the limits of theatre and to create new and exciting collaborative works from both within the company as well as outside members. Why we need your help: This play is an ambitious undertaking by both myself and Chris Fontanes, the director. In order to have the most successful chance at presenting the play we need your support to promote, produce and fund this play. We operate outside the realm of conventional theater and as a wholly independent theater company we rely on the generosity of the public to keep us going. Every donation made to this show goes directly into the production and we know how to make every dollar go far.
With creation, comes conflict. We are a fledgling theatre company amongst a vast city littered with many amazing theatre companies. Some are massive, building huge multi-million dollar facilities. They will never have to wonder where their next show will be. Or how they'll have to scrape up a hundred bucks for seventy chairs. Other companies are like us - living show-by-show, chasing dreams, ambitious as hell. We live paycheck-to-paycheck too - our money is going into lights, chairs, programs, and promoting the hell out of this thing that we are proud to be creating.

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