Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Upcoming: Salon Vanguard party fundraiser at the Eponymous Garden, November 13

Salvage Vanguard Theatre Austin TX

Jenny Larson Salon Vanguard Austin TX

Salon Vanguard
A benefit soiree

Tuesday, November 13th 2012
7pm- 10pm
At the Eponymous Garden, 1202 Garden St. Austin, Texas (click for map)

Tickets $60 for 2/ $45 for 1
available on-line via
brown paper tickets


Come enjoy an evening of intimate performances by Graham Reynolds of the Golden Hornet Project, world-class violinist Roberto Paolo Riggio, and author Spike Gillespie. As the jubilee begins, Church of the Friendly Ghost will serenade us with a string trio. And in the spirit of a Marie Antoinette rager, powdered wigs and all, our hosts will lead us in titillating parlor games and other coiffured shenanigans. Hank Cathy of Digestible Feats has created our decadent specialty cocktail, and our cracker jack team from last year will provide the array of delicious eats!

Admission includes drinks, eats, entertainment and one raffle ticket!

"SVT's fundraiser (Salon Vanguard) was just crowded enough to feel convivial, with the catered feast and the live jazz and the old-timey pop tunes and the sidecar-making bartenders and the parlor games and the guest performers perfectly arranged within the elegant architecture and landscaping of Eponymous Garden.”
-Austin Chronicle 2010 “Top 10 Favorite Arts-Related, Ah, Things From the Past 12 Months”

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