Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Funding Appeal: Vodka, F***ing and Television by Maxsym Kurochkin, Breaking String Theatre

Breaking String's artistic director Graham Schmidt and director Liz Fisher appeal via Kickstarter for $4200, about a third of the budget for Vodka, F***ing and Television by Maxsym Korochkin, to be staged at the Hyde Park Theatre in Austin November 29 - December 15. Click the Kickstarter logo to go to the donations page for more information and to donate.
A writer struggles with his vices, in a twisted comedy by one of Russia's finest living playwrights, Maksym Kurochkin.
  • Launched: Oct 24, 2012 Goal: $4200
  • Funding ends: Nov 21, 2012
Vodka, F***ing and Television by Maksym Kurochkin, directed by Liz Fisher, translated by John J. Hanlon is a hit play by one of Russia's greatest living playwrights, and it's being staged by Breaking String Theatre Co. in Austin, Texas. Facing a nervous breakdown, our hero - a struggling writer - resolves to quit the vices that are holding him back.

The twist?
In a move worthy of Tim Burton, Kurochkin propels actors and audience into a strange fantasy, and transforms the three vices - vodka, f***ing and television - into full-fledged characters. Each vice gets a chance to justify its presence in the hero's life, or get the boot. With a sexy script, mind-blowing design and performances from one hell of a creative team, this show promises to make a splash.

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