Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Auditions for The Austin Project, Theatre en Bloc, October 30 - 31

Theatre en Bloc Austin TXAuditions Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30th and 31st between 6 pm and 9 pm at the Dougherty Arts Center (1110 Barton Springs Road, Austin 78704) (click for map) for The Austin Project. We are assembling a collection of unique artists to devise a new work based on our collected interviews with hundreds of Austin residents. The interviews we do will be the basis of our creative process. The artists will then take the material and weave it into a visually arresting and deeply personal theatre piece. This production will be guided by Derek Kolluri, Jenny Lavery, and Tyler King.

To schedule an audition: Email Jenny at theatre.enbloc@gmail.com.
The Austin Project Theatre en Bloc Texas
Why This Play? Why now? Austin is in an important moment in her life. The city is growing at rapid speeds, and, as most American cities, this growth puts Austin in a dilemia. All of Austin’s residents, workers, and politicians are making decisions they think are in her ‘best interest’. But, how will Austin meet the needs of quick expansion, yet retain it’s counter-culture “weird” identity? The implications of today’s decisions will forever affect the Austin residents and the fabric of the city. Theatre en Bloc's Austin Project will examine why so many people are proud to call Austin, TX 'home' and explore how the city can retain the identity that we all love. Capturing Austin's social identity means casting racially, ethnically, religiously, sexually diverse people. While we respect everyone's privacy, this will be an intimate exploration of ourselves and our communities. We encourage all artists to show us what makes you unique.

Performances will be March 28 to April 28 at various locations including Mexita's and the Boyd Vance Theatre at The Carver Museum.

Pay: All roles are paid.

How do I schedule a time? Please email Jenny Lavery. If you are only available during certain times, please tell us so. We will send you a confirmation email with your audition time. *If you are not available on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30th and 31st, please send us an email indicating that and we will work to find a time to see you.

What should I prepare? In order to build a cohesive ensemble to create this new work, we are looking for open minded, daring individuals who display a curiosity and yearning to challenge themselves and be challenged by other like-minded individuals. We are looking for individuals who are willing to explore many theories and practices that will test the traditional conventionality of theatre. This piece will require all artists to be open to strenuous movement, extreme emotionality, and a strong sense of group think and group do. Over the course of 6 months, we will develop a detailed working vocabulary together, so that we have the tools to create the content of the show collaboratively.

If interested in joining us, please prepare:
1. A monologue or text that you know well and are willing to experiment with. If you do not have a monologue, we will provide you with text.

2. Generate something that shows us who you are. Be creative. (up to 2 mins.)

3. Ready to talk about your personal/artistic strengths and weaknesses

When are callbacks? TBD. Callbacks will be in the style of a full company workshop. We are looking for collaboration and group dynamics.

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