Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Auditions for Little Mother, FronteraFest, November 3

Auditions on Saturday, November 3 for "Little Mother" for Frontera Long Fringe. 

(image from Katie Green)
 “Little Mother” is a harrowing fairytale of maternal love—a silent passion play, using shadow puppetry, physical acting, and live musical performance. In order to escape oppression, Little Mother creates a softer, shadow puppet world featuring an elephant and rooster who dream of a better life.

This is an original play debuting for the Frontera Long Fringe Festival. There will be four performances sometime between, mid-January and early February (dates have not been assigned yet). There will be at least five days surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas off. Rehearsal schedule will be very light in November and December, and heavy in January. There is a strong possibility for these to be paid roles if ticket revenue exceeds production expenditures.

"Little Mother"
is an entirely non-verbal, physical acting performance piece with an original score performed by a live, chamber music ensemble. If you enjoy a collaborative, exploratory rehearsals where process, not product, is emphasized, and you do not mind being micromanaged or bringing ideas to the table, then this is probably an experience you would enjoy.
Character Breakdown: (1 woman, 3 men) **All actors must be at least 18 years old**

Little Mother: a prostitute, wife, and mother. She is impossibly small. Somehow she has retained a child-like innocence. ** Only very petite actors will be considered **actress should be under 30 ** actress must be comfortable with multiple implicit rape scenes

Husband/Client 3: Little Mother’s paralyzed, bed-ridden, and adoring husband **must be comfortable with implicit rape scene, as Husband will be double-cast as Client 3

Clients 1 and 2: The men who patronize Little Mother ** must be comfortable with implicit rape scenes

A note on sexuality: If you have reservations, I understand. The subject of rape will be treated with utmost gravity. Technically, the sexual acts are consensual (though abusive), and more clearly resemble rape. There will be no nudity, and all sexuality will be implicit, rather than explicit (think wrestling with clothes on). It will be stylized, though not subtle.

For auditions: Actors should be prepared to perform a 2-3 minute non-verbal story (you’ll need to prepare this)

Auditions will take place Saturday Nov 3rd from 2-4 pm in 10-minute slots. Please send an email to katiegreen444@gmail to request your time slot. If Saturday does not work, I am willing to find an alternative time.

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