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(*) Deborah Martin: Rose Theatre's 2014 Season, San Antonio

Rose Theatre's 2014 season holds dramas and original comedies

By Deborah Martin : January 2, 2014

Jesse Rose (photo: Rose Theatre company)
The folks at the Rose Theatre Company have gone through a rough patch financially in the past few months. 

To put them on firmer footing, they're making plans for a fund-raising gala on Feb. 1. The evening will include live music, sketch comedy and previews of upcoming shows, as well as a silent auction and an auction of services provided by Rose actors.

The company is also strongly pushing VIP memberships, which go for $15 a month and which include tickets to evening and kids' shows, as well as preferred seating on comfy couches.

As a thank you for the added support, the company is also going to be doing a lot of community outreach, including free performances for schools and shelters.

“A lot of schools don't have the money to take kids to see shows,” said Jessie Rose, who owns the theater with her husband, Chris Manley. “We'd love to be able to provide that for them. We're going to do as many free shows as we can.

“I think our goal this year is to be able to help other people. It's important.”

The company will continue producing a blend of Rose-directed contemporary dramas and Manley-penned comedies. The comedies include some raunchier stuff in the same vein as the Shock Puppets shows the company made a splash with shortly after opening in 2009; to make the explicit content clear to audiences, those shows will be designated “Shock Puppets Theatre” offerings. (The puppets themselves were killed off last year, so don't expect to see them onstage.)

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