Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Revised 2014 Season for Austin Theatre Project

Austin Theatre Project is revising its theatre calendar because of various unexpected events, including improvements to its performance venue:

Austin Theatre Project TX

The following shows and dates will now form our 2014 season:
  • April 10 to April 27 - Company (Dougherty Arts Center)
  • June 12 to June 29 - 'S Gershwin (Dougherty Arts Center)
  • August 14 to August 31 - Godspell (Dougherty Arts Center)
  • October 23 to November 9 - Carrie: the Musical (Dougherty Arts Center)
  • December 31 - Bending Broadway 3: Dirty Rotten Divas (Venue TBA)
As you can see, we have added Bending Broadway 3: Dirty Rotten Divas to our Season Ticket Package so our subscribers will still have five shows to choose from. Subscribers will still receive five tickets that they can use in any combination for any show.

Because of the delay in our 2014 season, we will be offering our season ticket packages through March 31 instead of January 31. For more information and to purchase season tickets through our safe and secure form, click HERE.

All of us at Austin Theatre Project would like to thank you for your understanding, well-wishes, and continued support. We are so proud to have won the hearts of the Austin theatre community and pledge to continue to raise the bar for many season to come!
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