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(*) Deborah Martin: Overtime Theatre's 2014 Season, San Antonio


Overtime's 2014 season holds all-new material, including a weekly serial
By Deborah Martin : January 2, 2014

Kyle Gillette via Trinity UniversityOvertime Artistic Director Kyle Gillette (via
SAN ANTONIO — When the folks at the Overtime Theater sat down to choose their 2014 lineup, they had a lot to choose from.

After their call for original work went viral, the company ended up getting around 300 scripts, a huge increase in the usual pool, said Kyle Gillette, the company's artistic director: “I'd say it was three or four times what we normally get.”

The scripts came from all over the country.

A total of 15 wide-ranging pieces — including a new serial — made the final cut. One piece, Overtime Executive Director Michael Burger's “The Beasts of Baverly Grove,” will take place in both of the Overtime's theaters.

To get the complete story, audiences will need to check out the show in each space. It plays Oct. 17-Nov. 15.

For the most part, the smaller, more experimental pieces this year can be seen in the Overtime's smaller space. That theater, which has been informally known as the Li'l OT, has been named The Stables. The name is a nod to the stables where director David Lynch shot some of his surreal 1977 classic “Eraserhead,” Gillette said.

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