Saturday, January 11, 2014

Video Promo: River of Gruel, Pile of Pigs: The Requisite Gesture(s) of Narrow Approach by Sibyl Kempson and Rude Mechs at the Salvage Vanguard, opening April 3, 2014

From via Salvage Vanguard Theatre:

From the Pig Pile:
The Requisite Gesture(s) of Narrow Approach opens April 3

by Sibyl Kempson

For three {hundred thousand} years now the Pig Pile has squirmed and squealed its way across a vast landscape of deep associations and histories between seemingly unrelated objects. The closer we get to the complicated, complicated porcine truth of what it means to be human, the more our numbers have dwindled, to where we now begin to fear we are on the brink of extinction. Only you can help us to piece these pieces together so that we may know what we have learned, before it’s too late. Note: If you have any wooden items that you wish to be preserved for all eternity, you may please to bring them with you to the occasion.

Trailer with scenes from Fusebox Festival workshop performance at the Off Center, April, 2013

This is a collaboration between Austin-based theater companies Rude Mechs and Salvage Vanguard Theater, and a New Dramatists resident playwright. The group has gathered four times a year for three years in a chaotic work format known as a Pig Pile, with little discernible leadership or centralized structure - neither of narrative nor of process – and has assembled an unwieldy and highly associative collection of seemingly unrelated imagery, geography and aromas, that over time and layers of work has revealed an emerging, intimately connected web of enfolded and implicate mythology.

This project is one of five institutional New Dramatists/Full Stage USA Commissions for new work at an eclectic mix of producing organizations across the country. The Full Stage USA initiative, conceived by New Dramatists and underwritten by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, addresses the field-critical issues of new works “stalling” in development with no resulting full production and the special challenge of securing subsequent productions after a world premiere. Each partnership provides a $25,000 commission to a writer; supports two years of enhanced writer-driven development in New Dramatists’ Playwrights Lab; and culminates in the full production staged by the partner theater.

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