Monday, April 6, 2009

Oceana, A Musical, Vortex Repertory, May 9 - June 3

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UPDATE: Comments by Clare Croft on Austin Statesman's "Seeing Things" blog, May 18

Posted at the Vortex Rep's website:

VORTEX Repertory Company presents the World Premiere of


by Bonnie Cullum and Content Love Knowles
May.09 - Jun.06, 2009, Thurs-Sun 8pm
ASL (American Sign Language) iInterpreted on Friday, May 15, 2009

Reawaken your love affair with the Ocean
From the makers of Sleeping Beauty and Dark Goddess comes a spell-binding new theatrical work that celebrates stories of the Ocean. Follow the journey of “Gulf Girl” as she encounters powerful oceanic deities and otherworldly spirits from diverse global mythologies. Join her as she meets the Mer (Maid and Men), the Sirens (Greek), Olokun (Yoruban/West Africa), the Selkie (Northern Scotland), Lakshmi (Hindu/India), Hine Moana (Maori/New Zealand), Sedna (Inuit/Arctic), Pele (Hawai’ian/Pacific Islands), and Chalchiuhtlicue (Nahua/Central Mexico).

This extraordinary cast of mystical characters lures the spectator to dive deep and discover treasures within the history, magic, and exploration of the precious Ocean. All Oceans are one Ocean.

Warning: Real water. Some nudity. Beware the Splash.

Robert Faires' pre-opening piece in the Austin Chronicle, May 14

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