Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upcoming: Sordid Lives, Sam Bass Community Theatre, May 15 - June 6

UPDATE: ALT review of Sordid Lives

Found on-line:

Sordid Lives
Directed by Frank Benge

Sam Bass Community Theatre, Round Rock

May 15 - June 6

From the author of "Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the Will?" comes this hilarious tale of loss, love and white trash etiquette in a small Texas town... "Sordid Lives" is a black comedy about white trash. Sissy is trying to quit smoking, Mama has just died an accidental death during a clandestine meeting in a seedy motel room with her much younger, married neighbor and Brother Boy has been locked up in the mental institution because he thinks he's Tammy Wynette...and you thought you had problems. "Sordid Lives" is a gossipin', pill-poppin', honky-tonkyin', gun totin', motorcycle ridin' laugh a minute farce of twisted lives, death, tears, infidelity and other comic events by playwright Del Shores.

Show Rating: Adult Language & Situations - Not suitable for children

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