Monday, October 19, 2009

Arts Reporting: Zach Theatre On Planned 420-seat Topfer Theatre

Received directly from Zach Theatre:

ZACH Theatre today announces the design plans for a sleek, new 420-seat theater that will be surrounded by a tree-filled plaza and grounds. The 29,700 square foot theatre, designed by Austin's Andersson-Wise Architects, will be built adjacent to ZACH's two existing theatres: the 200-seat Kleberg Stage and the 130-seat Whisenhunt Stage located at South Lamar Boulevard and West Riverside Drive. The addition to ZACH's campus will further develop an arts district on the shores of scenic Lady Bird Lake.

[Click image to view full-size rendering]

ZACH's new theater will be named The Topfer Theatre, honoring the Topfer family’s extraordinary contributions to Austin and the arts community. "This project and collaboration is, in our eyes, the arts story in Austin over the past year," said the Topfers, "We are so proud to have our name associated with the ZACH brand and artistic integrity."

The theatre's architect, Arthur Andersson of Andersson-Wise Architects, is the designer of the Block 21 mixed-use project in downtown Austin, which includes a hotel and a new venue for KLRU's "Austin City Limits."

Andersson's design for ZACH calls for a clean, modern form clad in a combination of bluish-gray brick - known as Swiss Pearl - and cement composite panels. A two-story glass lobby will front the building, facing west onto a tree-filled plaza that can accommodate gatherings of up to 600 people. Andersson said landscape plans call for dozens of new trees and a “rain garden” to be added to the site.

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  1. Is it going to include a parking garage? If not, parking will be really difficult in that area.