Thursday, October 15, 2009

In-Car-Nation, Electronic Planet Ensemble at Hyde Park Theatre, October 15-17

Classic cars of the 1950s float in the collective consciousness of Americans, but as David Jewell gently admonishes us, they'll soon be gone, as distant and vanished as the dinosaurs that enchant our children today.

Jewell is the solo narrator, actor and verbal imager for In-Car-Nation, while Sergio R. Samayoa provides the live soundtrack with computer-synthesizer and guitar. Between them is the screen that flickers with video, kaleidoscopic images and transforming stills, a non-linear dream of transportation as power, elegance, and adventure. They first explored this hallucinogenic territory back in 1997, and the current live two-man concert runs again only tomorrow night and Saturday night at the Hyde Park Theatre.

It's a seance, an incantation, an trip into memory, alternate reality the sweeping streamlined designs and the curiously empty landscapes of the mind. Electronic Planet Ensemble makes a rich triple score of this one. Jewell is a master of the prose poem -- one would call them lyrics, although they do not rhyme, because they are so carefully fit into Samayoa's music: blues riffs, power thrumming, alpha wave music, up-tempo improvisations, translucent walls of sound. And the video, all new for this edition, a collaborative magic lantern.

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