Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming: The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, Breaking String Theatre Company at the Blue Theatre, November 5 - 21

UPDATE: ALT review of The Cherry Orchard, November 6

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Breaking String Theater** presents
an Actors’ Equity Association Members Project Code Production…

The Cherry Orchard

A Comedy by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Lyubov Ranyevskaya went to Paris to escape her past; she returns to Russia to discover that her ancestral home, and her beloved cherry orchard, are about to disappear forever. In this haunting tale of love, loss, and human frailty, Lyubov must endure the unimaginable, and realizes that even as the axes fall on the trees, a new life is being born.

More than a century after it was written, Chekhov’s last and most beloved play still holds audiences spellbound with its unexpected majesty and dramatic power. Chekhov also finds comedy in our failures to live up to those ideals we consider sacred. As Breaking String theater artists, we hope most of all to bring Chekhov’s warmth and generosity of spirit to our audiences.

Some of Austin’s finest performers have come together to perform this new translation from the original Russian. Featuring a remarkable artistic ensemble with Babs George *, Dirk van Allen *, Bernadette Nason*, Ev Lunning *, Matt Radford, Nigel O’Hearn, Liz Fisher, Sarah Gay, Robert Matney, Robin Grace Thompson, Noel Gaulin, Maarouf Naboulsi, and Cody Chua.

The off-stage talent includes Graham Schmidt as director and translator, Adam Hilton providing first-class sound design, Rommel Sulit delivering a stunning set, Jen Rogers designing an exceptional lighting layout, and Buffy Manners beautifully costuming the cast.

Performances at 8 o’clock p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays, November 5 - 21 at the Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale Road

TICKETS: Suggested donation of $15-$25 at the door
Reservations available only at www.breakingstring.com

* Members of the Actors’ Equity Association. This is a Members’ Project Code production.
**Breakin’ String Theatre is a provisional name for this collaboration of artists.

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  1. Actually the Lights are being designed by Jen Rogers. Also, Rommel Sulit is designing the set and Buffy Manners is designing the costumes.