Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Julius Caesar, EmilyAnn Theatre, Wimberley, October 2 - 24

The conspirators of the Ides of March are at work deep in the hills south of Austin, Texas.

Wimberley is a township with a population of fewer than 4000 persons, but its EmilyAnn Theatre is currently staging a muscular, articulate Julius Caesar that is well worth the winding 45-minute drive through ranch country.

Known principally for summer musicals and the long running annual "Shakespeare Under The Stars" for young people, the park and outdoor amphitheatre of the EmilyAnn have served as a community gathering point for past eleven years. Newly appointed theatre operations manager Bridget Farias, who directed The Comedy of Errors and The Winter's Tale in previous seasons, has expanded the program by recruiting experienced Shakespearians from Austin for the four-weekend run.

Outdoors in October? That seemed entirely plausible during this past summer's drought and record-breaking heat, but rains and relatively cooler weather have moved in since mid-September. Texans aren't used to chill, and many in the audience this past Saturday were wrapped in blankets as the evening temperature sank into the low 60's. But no one was leaving.

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