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Profile of Hidden Room Theatre by Dawn Youngs at Culturemap

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Judd Farris, Ryan Crowder (image: Kimberley Mead)

The Hidden Theater: A secretive Austin gem that's going global

By Dawn Youngs,12.31.11

As Master of Company and Theatrical Deviser Beth Burns put it, “The Hidden Room Theater is a Theatrical Curiosity Shop specializing in Original Practices classics, technologically forward-thinking works, intriguing new plays, and rarely-done oddities.” The company, critically acclaimed for its media jumping cross-Atlantic theatrical event You Don’t Know Him He Lives in Texas/You Don’t Know Her She Lives in London, will be bringing all of these diverse specialties together in this season’s production of Rose Rage.

Hidden Room has been making waves in the modern world of Shakespeare by going old school. Their recent Original Practice production of Taming of the Shrew had a historically accurate all male cast, period Elizabethan dress and stayed true to the minimalist staging of Shakespeare’s time. The company is not lost in the past, however, evidenced by a recent Kickstarter campaign which harnessed the power of the internet to take the company to the Blackfriar’s Conference at the Shakespeare Center to present the work to some of the world's most renowned Shakespeare scholars. This trip was a big success for Hidden Room Theater, solidifying their place on the international stage.

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